• Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban (SH)

Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban (SH)

Riddley Walker is a genre-defying historically influenced science-fiction road-novel set in post-apocalyptic Kent, years after a nuclear catastrophe has plunged England back into a second Iron Age.

Survivors huddle in fenced settlements, packs of killer dogs roam the chalk downs and the rudimentary government communicates its policies through travelling puppet shows that fuse Punch and Judy, the medieval myth of St Eustace, elements of the New Testament and garbled memories of clevverness that brought about the nuclear holocaust.

This is a must read from the SEADOG collection, which is why we have highlighted it with a custom dustcover made for this edition published in 2012 by bloomsbury. You may also choose to read it whilst wearing The Ram Hat

Second Hand - Very good condition 
Custom SEADOG dustcover, 235 Pages, 12.9x19.7 cm
Published: 2012 by Bloomsbury

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