SEADOG is a shop inspired by myth, magic and storytelling. We spend our time refining our unique curations and re-surfacing tales from our home on The Isle of Thanet. EST. 2017.

  1. Summer's End with Zakia at Faith in Strangers

    Summer’s End at Faith in Strangers Margate with Zakia Sewell (NTS), Eat Ethio, Melinda Bronstein and Lisa Badevokila happened on October 27th 2023....
  2. Return - An Editorial by Lisa Badevokila

    Lisa Badevokila is an animator, illustrator and visual artist based in London. Her practice focuses on cultural realities such as post-colonialism ...
  3. Sounds from The Dogman III, City Wall Radio

    The third instalment of Sounds from The Dogman is now available on City Wall featuring Tapir!, MIA, Julian Cope, Minimal Man and more.