Welcome to Seadog

If you have enjoyed reading for even a moment it is likely that you have thought about what a wonderful experience it could be to work in or own a bookshop. A place where time is boundless and stories as old as the cosmos are pressed into new hands. To be a bookseller is an honourable and important role, one that comes with the responsibility of being gatekeeper to a world of possibility. It is something we treat with the upmost respect and you can be certain that every book in our shop is one that has been considered and selected with the belief that it should be read.

The stories found within Seadog provide an opportunity to delve into the deepest parts of the psyche and return with unimaginable and unexpected gifts. We focus on a specific, significant collection of Myth, Magic and Storytelling. Gathering the new and the ancient to form an ever changing and diverse selection of titles. We will be selling books online and at pop-up events, where you can expect to see the introduction of low-intervention wine with a unique story behind each bottle.

Welcome to Seadog.